Ebola Epidemic Hits USA – Texas

Ebola Stocks

The Ebola epidemic has finally landed in our home turf – Texas. Media is now on a frenzy reporting spree to scare the public while Obama sends 3,000 troops to help battle the contagion. How can we monetize from this fear. Here’s a list of public traded stocks. I coin this – Ebola Stocks

With the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the US just announced by the CDC, there’s a big fear the virus could threaten human health here in the states. The idea is terrifying, not only because the symptoms are horrible, but because the current outbreak has a 71% mortality rate. The current outbreak of the deadly virus, which is thought to originate in bats, has killed more than 3,000 and infected 6,574 people in West Africa. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and often bleeding inside and outside the body.

US government officials and health experts say Ebola will not spread through the US like it has in West Africa. Though patients may sporadically arrive, and potentially even infect others they are in close contact with in the US, our healthcare system is strong enough that an epidemic is unlikely to grow from these sporadic instances.

Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. will develop and manufacture ZMapp. Mapp Biopharmaceutical will manufacture a small amount of the drug for early stage clinical safety studies and nonclinical studies.

Canada-based Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:TKMR) $TKMR . The stock surged 30% to $27.55 on very heavy volume in after-hours activity Tuesday.

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:BCRX) rallied 11% to $10.90 on moderate volume. BioCryst is working on an Ebola treatment candidate BCX4430, and recently consulted the World Health Organization (WHO) on the virus. It also received additional federal funding recently to develop the drug.

Newlink Genetics Corp. (NASDAQ:NLNK) surged 13% to $24.10 on moderate volume. Earlier in the month, Newlink said the FDA gave it the green light to start Phase 1 clinical trials for its Ebola vaccine.

Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:SRPT) shares rose 7% to $22.60 on heavy volume. Sarepta is developing a treatment designated AVI-7537 to treat the Ebola virus. It also helps that the CEO stated on CNBC that they have 100 available doses which caused stock to rally

Last but not least the giant GlaxoSmithKline PLC  (NYSE:GSK) also climbed 1.1% to $46.49 on moderate volume after hours Tuesday. Glaxo is working with the National Institutes of Health’s Vaccine Research Center to help develop of an early stage vaccine for Ebola.

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