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About Us

About Us
About Us AceMoneyPicks

Joe “ACE” was a 15 year Corporate Finance Analyst veteran in several Fortune 500 Companies. Graduated with Cum Laude in Finance and Management and a minor in Behaviorial Finance from a Business Accredited University. Ranked in the top 25% of his business graduating class.

ACE has been trading stocks for the last 13 years, successfully directed affluent private clients. After applying his knowledge to his client base and meeting his personal monetary goals, he decided it was time to begin teaching those interested in learning his trading and investing methodology. He has developed his own proprietary way of trading using many of the basic technical tools along with some of his own proprietary ones. Some of the technical indicators he uses are: Moving Averages, RSI, Stochastics, OBV (On-Balance-Volume), various volume patterns, positive and negative divergences, Fibonacci Retracements as well as his own proprietary tools. Made his mark on Wall Street by spotting opportunities, pouncing and locking in those profits fast.

ACE is not only a technician but a strategist investor as well. He never puts on a day or swing trade unless he has a 2:1 risk/reward ratio, something any good trader should adhere to. ACE prides himself on his trade management skills and his risk/reward ratios when putting trades on. When trading, he takes into consideration economic data, earnings reports, SPX support and resistance levels as well as the overall market conditions. Simply put, he puts as much in his favor as possible before putting on his day or swing trades.

The Master Trader also prides himself as an “outside of the box” thinker! He’s thinks ahead of the trend and pounces on several technological breakthrough investments for retirement and long term investors. He excels in fundamental analysis as well as financial modeling. Timing to a long term investment is key!

What separates me from most of the newsletters you probably have seen is I don’t hide behind “paper trading”. As I alert my subscribers in real time via chat, text and email, I’m right there beside you in the driver seat putting my money where my mouth is.

ACE’S Trading Methodology AceMoneyPicks

AceMoneyPicks (AMP’s) trading methodology is a systematic approach blending long-term trend following (value investing), short-term trend following, short-term momentum (swing trading) focusing in the large to small market cap arena. Trading strategies involve fundamentals, technical analysis, contrarian investing and behavioral analysis.

Investment Research

AceMoneyPicks teaches you to take control of your financial future. Stop relying on your broker or the media as they hype stocks, getting you on the wrong side of the trade. Start your march towards financial independence! Investment Grade Ideas – stocks we believe that have tremendous value for an investor with a time horizon of 1+ year(s).


Long Swing Trading

Swing trading is an art of retaining your best position in the market for days or weeks and then selling the stocks, commodity or currency for a profit. A pro swing trader never keeps the stock, commodity or currency with him for a long time; instead trade them wisely to generate consistent profits.


Virtual Trade Floor

With AceMoneyPicks.com you watch over the shoulder of an 11 year veteran stock trader. Unlike other sites we do not merely call out a trade – we teach you how to trade. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, sign up for our daily webcasts for real time trading and learn more about investments.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AceMoneyPicks.com (AMP)?

    AceMoneyPicks.com is a trading education firm that allows subscribers to follow the trades and analysis of experienced professional traders. AceMoneyPicks.com leverages transparency and technology in order to add value for subscribers. The site includes an extensive training video library in addition to live market commentary during market hours each day. AceMoneyPicks.com is not a broker dealer and nothing on the site should be construed as a solicitation to buy and sell securities.

  • I have never traded stock before. Can AceMoneyPicks.com help me?

    Yes. This is what we specialize in! AceMoneyPicks.com offers courses and market insights for people of all experience levels. In addition, AceMoneyPicks.com subscribers may participate during the trading day in our Virtual Trading Floor. AceMoneyPicks.com training is appropriate for anyone who wants to trade stocks, including those with no experience.

  • Is AceMoneyPicks.com a brokerage firm or investment advisor?

    AceMoneyPicks.com is neither a broker-dealer or investment advisor and has no role in effecting transaction in securities. We recommend you consult a financial advisor before making investment decisions.

  • I am a long-term investor with a full-time day job. Can I still benefit from using AceMoneyPicks.com?

    Yes. AceMoneyPicks.com provides unique and daily content geared towards both the short term and long term. For more information on our longer term analysis, check out our Market Research Center.

  • What are the different features on AceMoneyPicks.com?

    Virtual Trading Floor: On the Virtual Trading Floor, you can listen to live webcast throughout the trading day. In addition, you can view the traders’ positions in real-time. Another feature of the Virtual Trading Floor is our Live Chat. Live Chat is an online chat where all traders and subscribers come together and discuss pertinent stock set-ups and market indicators throughout the trading day. The chat is a great forum for asking questions and seeing what the professionals are trading.

  • How is AceMoneyPicks.com different from other trading/investment sites like it?

    At AceMoneyPicks.com, we encourage our members to become master of the markets through our trading methodology. We strive to offer the best/proven trading techniques where our members stand to benefit more than our mentors. Each package is catered to each underlying type of traders. To become an improving trader and ultimately a consistent trader, one must begin with the mindset that trading cannot be learned in a weekend. Continuing education through interaction with a coach and mentor over time will ultimately put you in the best position to succeed! Our trading video tutorial is a fantastic introduction to a system, method or technique but it is only the first step.

  • What’s ACE’s Strategy?

    ACE focuses on swing trading and day trading stocks high volume/liquid trading stocks. He has a keen eye for breakouts that are on the verge of making big moves for you to capitalize on. Sometimes he can make you hundreds to thousands of dollars in just a few minutes.

  • Is it easy to Lose money?

    Yes, very easy. Nothing is ever a guaranteed win. If it were that easy to make millions in the stock market, then we all would be rich. Take for example of FaceBook’s IPO. Everyone was certain that would have been a winner. Well, we know where that stands. He teaches you his methodology in his video and within the Virtual Trading Floor. ACE eliminates the guessing and gambling of a stock’s move. That is why you need to know how to manage your portfolio and ACE can teach you. Read ACE’s Rule of Trading here. In addition, you need to be disciplined enough to take your losses. He will alert you on all of his entry and exits on a trade. So learn to lose! If you don’t know how to lose, you will never win.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    First of all we would suggest starting with our Free Trial to our services; experience the live trading action from our Virtual Trading Floor, also gain the power of knowledge and expert calls within our Platinum Momentum Package. You can cancel at any time before your Free Trial expires, starting all services will allow you to truly find your best profit making niche. More specific details are here…

    Our Virtual Trading Floor is geared toward market direction, timing and the most profitable swing trades. With an IRA/401k or brokerage account, our Market Research Center will help you position yourself for long term profit in an up or down market. This service will allow you to profit from the big swings in the markets, and accumulate massive wealth. Each evening you will receive a Daily watch lists retaining our in-depth guidance and trade alerts, Daily Market Reports with our master methodologies, and more. You will also receive Hot Charts & Alerts which are live calls and updates made throughout the day or night (once subscribed, please select your alert settings under your “Subscriptions” tab found when signed in).

    Start your Free Trial now and get ready to learn and profit with the Pros! While the Elite Package is geared towards the swing trader, those seeking some long swing trading, the Platinum Package action can still position themselves for profitable trades utilizing the key levels given and trade alerts sent via email. Get started now, start your Free Trial here.

    If you want to receive all of the expert guidance, advance your skills to that of the Pros and profit like you never imagined, start your Free Trials here.

  • How many stock picks can I expect?

    1-5 stock picks per day. They can be both swing trades (holding overnight) or day trades. You will also get the daily watch list with 5-10 stock picks every night.

  • How many traders can you listen to at one time on the Virtual Trading Floor?

    You are able to listen to as many traders as you want at any given time.

  • I’ve just completed my 7 day trial and want to ask questions before I purchase a subscription. What is the best way?

    Questions can be answered by sending a request via our web form from the Contact page on our site.

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