Long Swing Trade

Don’t trade until you know how the pros do it. Swing trading is a science as well as an art.


What is Swing Trading?

Don’t trade until you know how the pros do it. Swing trading is a science as well as an art.

Holding your position for days or weeks and then selling them for profit requires not only sharp intuition, but also the ability to objectively assess the available information. A pro trader does not keep his position for a long time instead, he listens to the market and trade wisely to generate a steady flow of profit. If you want to be profitable like the pros, need to trade smartly using the wild swings of the stock market.

The secret to swing trading is to buy low and sell high. Through this strategy, you could easily gain 100% of annual profit. When the market is volatile, this is an opportunity for you to earn more profit. This is how the pros swing trade.

The trading strategy of pros

Swing trading is an art of retaining your best position in the market for days or weeks and then selling the stocks, commodity or currency for a profit. A pro swing trader never keeps the stock, commodity or currency with him for a long time; instead trade them wisely to generate consistent profits. The key point is to learn the art of maximizing your profit by trading wisely through the wild swings in the market.

Swing trade is easy to learn. This type of trading can help you generate more than 100% in profits every year. The key is to buy the lows and sell the highs. The more the market is volatile the more is your chance of earning profits. The only key to success is to learn the art of swing trade from the pros.

Long Swing/Momentum Trading (2 days – 2 month trades)

Large to Small Cap/Undervalued Ideas – stocks we believe offer significant upside with a higher to medium degree of risk. Discover and learn a strategy that is much less affected by the big picture macro environment, no interpretation of headlines, they are simply catalysts that create the opportunity we call MOMENTUM.

Speculative Ideas – stocks we believe offer significant upside with a significantly higher degree of risk.

Technical analysis trading- charting of stocks on the verge of breaking out of technical patterns to the upside or downside, which we feel have the greatest probability for success. Formations you will see: Overbought, Oversold, Pennant, Flags, Triangles, Moving averages, Head & shoulders, Inverted Head & shoulders, plus many others.

  • Daily to weekly stock scans with updated Watch lists
  • Pay your bills from your trading profits and still work your day job.
  • Email alerts for potential breakouts
  • Video lessons – Learn when to enter and exit a trade
  • Swing Trade Alerts
  • Expert Market Analysis
  • Propretary Education Tools
  • Educational Blogs
  • Ideal for office/corporate employees, construction workers , doctors, professional athletes, teachers, or other professional blue collar employees who don’t have access to a computer 24/7 during work hours.
  • Risk appetite: Medium to high risk
  • Reward Potential: -100%- +100% Never invest unless you’re willing to lose your entire investment
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